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Hi, I'm Josh Edelson!

I'm an internationally published freelance photojournalist and commercial photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I also take assignments abroad.

I'm a curious adventure-seeker, passionate about creating visually compelling stories and portraits and absolutely love to travel. My photojournalism experience has taken me to incredible places and plays a heavy roll in my ability to make mundane scenes interesting in the corporate and event space. Throughout my career, I've developed a refined style and can use professional lighting to make portrait subjects jump off the screen. For pricing info., shoot me an email, or give me a call right now. (650-515-0999)

To break it down further:

My CORPORATE EVENTS and HEADSHOTS work account for about 75% of my normal workflow. Mostly, I shoot keynote speakers on-stage, general breakout sessions and cocktail networking receptions at various corporate events throughout the state. Additionally, I'm often on-assignment shooting business lifestyle scenes and executive portraits with both a natural and solid background. I've worked for tons of major companies and brings all lights, backgrounds and other equipment necessary to help make any scene visually interesting and professional. Some of my clients include Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Governments of Dubai and Ireland, and hundreds of others.Usual delivery turn-time is about 3-5 business days, although faster delivery is available by request.

As far as my PHOTOJOURNALISM experience goes, it usually accounts for about 25% of my workflow. Usually, I can be found covering major news stories with international appeal. Some of which include shooting the 2017 presidential election, anti-police protests, California wildfires, various tech product launch events and others. I'm contracted by various news companies like The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, AFP/Getty Images, and others.

On a personal note,I ride a motorcycle, have a super awesome cat named Kitty Time (who can turn off the lights with her paws) and proposed to my wife last year while skydiving in Spain!I I'd be happy to tell you all about it during our next shoot!